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We provide simple legal services

We provide simple legal services in the field of company, contract and employment law

As accountants, we ourselves can assist with straight forward legal matters where we have a particular competency. For more complex or risky matters we help you to engage a specialist solicitor to carry out the work required.

Our areas of expertise

We are usually able to assist our clients with:

  • Commercial contracts and terms and conditions
  • Company and asset sales (simple contracts for small companies)
  • Company formation & restoration
  • Company secretarial and administration
  • Debt recovery advice
  • Employment contracts (where they are simple)
  • Shareholder agreements and company constitution
  • Share transfers and share issues

We produce simple, readable legal documents

We produce simple, readable and enforceable legal documents. Our process to achieve this usually starts with understanding your needs and ends with completing a contract or other legal document on your behalf using a standard template. In this way we don’t usually draft documents ourselves. Instead we use templates that are written by solicitors (we subscribe to the same templates services as are used by many leading legal practices).

More complex matters

For situations that are more complex our approach is often to agree with you that we will prepare a draft document from a template on your behalf, but that you will then have it reviewed by a qualified solicitor. In this case we can either engage a solicitor for you or recommend to you a solicitor that you can engage directly.

Matters outside of our comfort zone

When a matter is outside of our comfort zone we will tell you and, with your agreement, either appoint a qualified solicitor to act on your behalf or make an introduction, so that you can contract directly.

How we work

We are governed by our regulator, the ICAEW and by the Legal Services Act 2007. In summary, this means that we only provide legal services in situations where we consider ourselves to be competent and, of course, where the services are not reserved for solicitors or other authorised persons. If either of these are not the case (for example because the matter is too complicated or specialist for us) we won’t do the work ourselves. Instead, we will help you to find, instruct and engage a solicitor.


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